Emergency planning is well underway and contingencies are already in place to help elderly and vulnerable residents.

Organisation of a community hub is being finalised, to ensure as far as possible that food, medicine and assistance is distributed, to all those that may be unable to access essential needs. It will engage with existing organisations such as Age Concern, food banks, CAB, and local authorities.
Other opportunities to engage with groups such as CTLA and other transport and delivery options are also actively being looked at, so suggestions and offers of help will be collated and will assist with enabling a coordinated and successful community response to the issues affecting us all.

Information is available and will be updated regularly, on support for householders and businesses, struggling or concerned over rent, Council and Business Tax, as this evolves from Government measures and advice. So please check this if you can online and share with those who can’t access the internet. There will be telephone numbers made available for specific queries, but accessing departments via the Web will assist the Council, who themselves are facing staffing issues and asking officers to work remotely.

Please try to adhere to advice from local and national Government as it is issued and look out for vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours, within the constraints of advice over keeping our distance, where possible. Make regular calls if you can, to check up.

We’re in a distressing emergency situation and it will be some time before it is over, but if we pull together, it will be easier in the long run with the immediate and long term affects, easier to bear.

In the meantime, we will try and keep updating you on information as it is given, from Lewes District Council.