About Us

Who we are – see us here.

What We Do

Tenants of Lewes District (TOLD) is a non-political group of volunteers, who are elected representatives from the District-wide Tenants and Residents Associations (TRA’s) and any other individual tenant who requests membership when attending a TOLD meeting. TOLD holds at least 3 public evening meetings per year. The TOLD Committee consists of 9 TOLD member representatives, elected at the Annual General Meeting. The organisation obtains its funding from Lewes District Council but maintains a degree of independence. TOLD is consulted by the Council prior to new policies being implemented or before service changes in Housing Services. TOLD have 2 seats on the Lewes District Cabinet.

Our aim

Our main aim is to ensure that decisions on housing matters made about the Lewes District area, should involve the people who live within it. TOLD achieves this by meeting bi- monthly with the District Councils Housing Senior Management Team (SMT) to discuss on-going housing related issues. TOLD will then consult or advise other tenants on those issues, using this website, Facebook, and “Tenants Open Voice”, the newsletter which is distributed 3 times a year to all tenants.

We further aim to

Arrange for in-depth reviews of a particular housing service by establishing a working group in order to make recommendations for improving a specific service

Work with the Councils Tenant Participation team in identifying areas for developing new local TRA’s

Through close liaison with the Tenants Scrutiny Panel suggest areas of the Councils Housing services to investigation