Scrutiny Team Self Assessment

What is self assessment?

It is a review by tenants, with assistance from Tenant Participation staff of the services provided by Lewes District Council Housing Department.

How are the reviews carried out?

For each review the Scrutiny Panel will start by carrying out a Desk Top Review of the service it is investigating. This involves going through paperwork supplied by the relevant housing manager such as performance data, procedures, feedback from tenants, etc. From this information the panel should have some idea of how well the service is performing and what further investigation is necessary.

The panel will then agree an action plan for testing how well their expectations meet the Lewes District Council actual performance. They will carry out an inspection of the service using a variety of tools, including tenant interviews, staff interviews, staff shadowing and focus groups. The Panel will then look at the information and produce a report with their findings

What happens with the report?

The report is submitted to the Lewes District Council Senior Management Team (SMT) and TOLD, if necessary making recommendations for improving the service.

SMT will consider the report, agree any action to be taken and report back. Any major changes to a service, especially if there are cost implications, will need to first be agreed by Council Cabinet, the Council’s main decision making body.

Documents (all PDF’s)

Self Assessment -Voids 2017

Dealing with anti-social behaviour – Report 2016

Dealing with Anti Social Behaviour – Update 2016

Rent Self Assessment – 2016

Tenant Participation Service – Action Plan 2016

For other reports please go to Lewes District Council – Getting Involved